Mission Statement

American Mink Exchange strives to provide ranchers with a place to promote their name and quality mink. A.M.E. seeks to offer buyers a place to purchase the finest quality American mink without the pressures or time constraints of buying at a traditional auction house.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We have the finest quality short nap American mink that will be available on our website at your convenience
  • There is no rush to buy with A.M.E; no split second decisions, and no purchasing regrets
  • You can inspect the samples and bulks of our goods at any time
  • Our mink is expertly graded, colored, and lotted by top auction professionals with extensive knowledge and experience
  • We offer lower buying fees than other auction houses

Our Team

Kurt Essman

Head of Rancher Relations

Kurt is the former Vice President at American Legend Corporation. With 40 years of experience at A.L.C. Kurt will assume A.M.E.’s lead role in rancher relations. Central to our team, Kurt has longstanding relationships with buyers and ranchers. His integrity is unmatched and well known throughout the fur industry.

Curt Hall

Head Grader & Quality Control Manager

With 30 years of grading experience, as well as many years of farm solicitation at A.L.C., Curt brings a high level of expertise to A.M.E. He will be overseeing quality control as Head Grader at A.M.E.’s warehouse — upholding our aim to provide only the finest quality in American mink.

Klondike International & the Tax Family

 Klondike International is a fourth generation fur company managed by Richard and Alan Tax in New York’s Garment District. They have been involved in the auction business for more than 30 years. Each brings a high level of expertise to A.M.E. in relation to purchasing, sales and financial management. Alongside the brothers, Mitchell Tax has been involved in the fur business for the last five years and brings a fresh perspective to the company. His expertise is in grading and buyer relations. Collectively, they possess intensive market knowledge useful to both buyers and ranchers.